3 Benefits of Having a Primary Cary Doctor

Apr 12, 2022

Primary care physicians are the first stop for all of your health care needs. They conduct physicals, checkups, and health screenings, write and renew prescriptions, give immunizations, treat illnesses, manage chronic conditions, and much more. 

In addition to providing routine care, your PCP can coordinate treatment with specialists if you need one, thus avoiding the need to see multiple doctors for the same condition. While it’s true that you can always go to urgent care clinics to treat conditions that need immediate medical attention, a primary care doctor is someone who knows you best. 

They are the ones who are most likely to understand and address your long-term health issues, and they could save you money by referring you to specialists who will bill you at in-network rates. In addition, your PCP coordinates your care with specialists, hospitals and other providers, so that you can receive holistic treatment.

Why It’s Worth Having a Primary Care Doctor

Benefit #1: One-Stop Shop for All Your Medical Care Needs

As we mentioned, PCPs deliver a wide range of medical services. PCPs can give physicals (which are required for certain activities, such as military service). They can conduct checkups and health screenings for women and men, give immunizations, treat acute illnesses and chronic conditions, manage chronic conditions and coordinate treatment with specialists.

They may also coordinate with specialists and other medical providers. PCPs can also write and renew prescriptions, follow up with test results and ensure that your health care needs are met. They may provide guidance and counseling as well.

Benefit #2: Convenient and Cost-Effective Services

PCPs are available during office hours, so if you don’t have the money to go to urgent care or want to avoid the lines at walk-in clinics, you can see your doctor for things like cuts, sore throats, fevers, the flu, rashes, diarrhea, and other non-emergency conditions.

If your condition requires immediate medical attention, your PCP can provide you with a plan for urgent care clinics, in case you need to go to one.

Benefit #3: Easy Communication for Early Detection and Health Maintenance

PCPs are a good source of information and can be a good source of support as you work toward good health. Having an open dialogue with your PCP can help you to identify health issues early on and take steps to prevent either exacerbating the problem or making it worse. 

Your PCP can also help you to manage your health issues, depending on the severity of them and the prognosis.

The Bottom Line: A Primary Care Doctor Can Help You Stay on Top of Your Health

No one likes going to the doctor, but sometimes we have to go when we’re sick or for checkups. And like it or not, healthcare costs money. If you have a chronic condition and require medication, the cost can be quite high and you might need to see a specialist. However, if you can manage your health with a primary care doctor, you might just be able to reduce your costs to a minimum.

In addition to standard medical services, there are other benefits to having a primary care doctor, such as early diagnosis and prevention of conditions, coordination of care with specialists and other medical providers, and support as you work toward good health. If you’re not on a primary care plan at the moment, you should consider signing up for one.

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