Peachtree City Fire & EMS

Yearly Physicals Information

Pretesting Information

Dr. Springston will perform the physicals through her practice, HealthSprings Direct at 4000 Shakerag Hill, PTC, 30269.  Your physical will occur over two visits within your birthday month: the initial testing and the physical and review appointments with Dr. Springston.   Please be patient with the process as we work to establish the most efficient system possible this year.  When these dates are assigned, you will get a confirmation email with the details and a link to complete a Firefighter Physical Questionnaire that will account for all of your pre-physical paperwork. You will also get a link to enroll in the HealthSprings Direct patient portal, where you can message Dr. Springston or staff regarding your appointment or any questions you might have. Please note: Dr. Springston does not have a PTC email as a contractor with the city, so please call 470-615-7224 or email with any questions. 

*** Fill out your Questionnaire prior to your physical date ***

Initial Testing Appointment

Complete your Firefight Questionnaire at least 24 HOURS PRIOR TO your appointment. Your appointment will be rescheduled if you haven’t finished your form prior to arriving. It will take approximately 30 minutes to do the form.

Bring your ID and insurance information (in case further testing is ordered based on findings) to scan at your visit.


BRING YOUR GLASSES or CONTACTS with you to your testing appointment – we check your eyesight and we want to know that you can see while driving huge trucks in our city.

We will be collecting urine for routine testing, so be well hydrated. If you need to go to the bathroom when you arrive, let the receptionist know and she’ll get you a cup for your sample.

We will be doing FASTING lab blood draws.  FASTING means do not have calories or artificial sweeteners fromm midnight the night prior to your blood draw. Unsweet tea, black coffee, water and bone broth are ok to have during a period of fasting.


Individuals over the age of 45 years will receive a pack of 3 occult blood testing cards. There will be instructions included, but plan ahead enough to provide three different stool samples for each card within 10 days of your physical. The easiest way to get a stool sample without it touching the water is with a plastic grocery bag with the handles tucked and secured between the toilet seat and bowl. Use the included wood sticks to smear the samples as directed. Please label your cards and follow the rest of the directions included. 


The cardiopulmonary exercise testing is the same as last year using the bicycle with the respiratory mask and EKG stickers in place, so please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for this testing.


More info on the CPET testing:

CPET testing website:


Other components of the physical will include: 

Pulmonary Function Testing and Spirometry
Vital signs, including weight
Visual Acuity & color vision screening

Day of Your Appointment


Bring your THREE completed stool sample cards to test for hidden blood


Review and discussion of laboratory and stress testing results


Comprehensive physical exam


Review and discussion of FF risk factors in the last year


Review and discussion of other medical concerns that might affect your ability to safely perform work as a firefighter


Your medical information will remain completely confidential within the practice at HealthSprings Direct.

The PTC Fire and EMS leadership will only receive a letter stating that you ARE or ARE NOT cleared to perform the duties as a firefighter using SCBA equipment.

We will not release any information to the city, to the fire department, or to your other medical providers without your written consent.

Due to liability and malpractice coverage, Dr. Springston can only advise and not treat medical issues outside of the scope of the NFPA guidelines.

Further testing may be ordered based on recommendations which will fall under routine health maintenance and screening and covered by your personal medical insurance. i.e. pap testing for females, chest x ray for smokers, etc.


NFPA 1582 Guidelines:

OSHD regulations:

HealthSprings Direct Website:

HealthSprings Direct Patient:

PCFD FF Physical Guide: PCFD Firefighter Physical Guide

Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator:

Grail Galleri Early Cancer Detection testing with discount for firefighters: