How Senior Adults Can Benefit From Direct Senior Care

Apr 5, 2022

Senior citizens make up a significant percentage of the American population, and the number is estimated to grow even more as the years go by. Considering how the aging population is increasing by the day, it’s no surprise that there is a demand for health care systems and facilities that accommodate the specific needs of the elderly. Fortunately, direct primary care can meet these demands.

At present, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) are shifting from fee-for-service to value-based care. Ultimately, the goal is to financially compensate physicians who offer care coordination since they are currently not receiving reimbursement for their services. 

It is unlikely for a primary care physician to meet every single patient who needs medical attention. As such, health care facilities are allowing other medical practitioners, including nurses and physician assistants, to provide primary care and appropriate solutions to the needs of the patients. 

American Senior Citizens and Direct Care Practices

Direct primary care in Tyrone, GA, is highly accessible and affordable, making elderly patients interested in the practice. When they have one doctor managing all aspects of their health, they can achieve peace of mind and rest assured that they are well taken care of. Relatives also feel comforted, knowing they can stay updated about any progress and other information about their loved ones. 

Improving a patient’s quality of life is of utmost importance in direct patient care. Aside from discussing issues during office visits, direct care doctors can also fully disclose pertinent information during family meetings. They can expound on how the patient is doing and what healthcare services will be needed at the moment or in the future. This gives the family and the patient an assurance that they’re in good hands.

Primary Care vs. Direct Care

Membership fees for primary care often range from $70 to $100 monthly. This includes a variety of free office treatments and no copays during every in-office consultation. The patient can purchase medications and get imaging and lab work done using Medicare or another health insurance. In contrast, for direct primary care, patients are allowed to see the cash price of the service before they choose to go with insurance.

Nowadays, a recurring problem in the healthcare industry is insurance companies delaying stress tests, imaging studies, and other services. They make this possible through the prior authorization process. The waiting period and delay could potentially lead to medical complications on the patient’s end. With direct primary care, you can eliminate this hurdle and pay discounted cash rates for certain services.

If you want to get the best medical attention, you should consider direct patient care. Whether you need healthcare services in your home, the clinic, or at a hospital, your direct care physician in Tyrone, GA, will be able to take care of you.


It is crucial to get the medical attention that you need. However, with primary care, there could be delays in the process, putting you at risk of health complications and worsening symptoms. The best way to avoid this issue and get the healthcare that you need is by opting for an experienced and well-regarded direct care physician.

At HealthSprings Direct, we continually strive to provide high-quality, convenient, and technologically advanced healthcare to patients who need our help. Our practice is growing by the day, with more patients relying on our medical practitioners. Join us and get personalized direct primary care in Tyrone, GA, today.